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The publication, “Landslide in Japan (English-language version)” 1st revision was published in 1969 so as to publicly introduce landslides of Japan to the world. While modifying the contents sequentially afterwards, 2nd revision was published in 1972, 3rd revision in 1980, and then 4th revision in 1988. Furthermore, 5th revision was published in 1996, and 6th revision in 2002. Both at the same years, “Landslide in Japan” was published concurrently in Japanese-language version. “Landslide in Japan” (7th revision) to introduce here is the latest edition. Typically active landslides in Japan are chosen and explained in English along with photos and charts, so that we really appreciate if the publication would be the most influential book on many researchers as well as engineers who are studying domestic and foreign landslides.