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Message from the President

Towards the attainment of the safety regional environment as the top agenda of Japan Landslide Society

President of Japan Landslide Society
Dr. Hiroshi YAGI, Professor, Yamagata University

日本地すべり学会会長 八木 浩司

 The top agenda of Japan Landslide Society is to attain the safety regional environment sharing knowledge on the nature of landslides and technological promotion of disaster reduction due to landslide phenomena.

  Technical revolution of detecting surface rupture due to slope movement and its digital mapping since the end of 20th Century, e.g. LiDAR technology which were introduced into the civil use, has contributed a great deal to studies on landslides and designing disaster countermeasures. Introduction of IoT to measurement instruments installed in the field sites has been also promoted. Main activity of Japan Landslide Society is to share such advanced technology and strengthen landslide studies among the members through publishing journals and holding academic conferences. The task of the JLS steering committee is to organize right sessions in response to the demands of the times which can offer attractive and useful contents to the members. It also promotes technical training for younger members who are engaging slope conservation works in local areas.

  Social service related to avoiding slope disaster is another task of the JLS as a public interest incorporated association. Outreach is the most important matter of the JLS’ social service. Commenting committee launched in 2017 has played much role of the disaster interpreter for media inquiries on the landslides which occurred in Japan but also in foreign countries. Delegation of the lecturers to the classes on disaster prevention related to landslides held at local governments, local communities and schools of various levels is the main grass roots activities of JLS’ outreach. Occasional improvement of Home Page is required. JLS tries to improve it focusing on easily accessible web site not only for professionals but also for school children.