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2023 Author guidelines and manuscript submission

1. Important Matters

◆ Only members of The Japan Landslide Society can submit papers.
 Those who plan to present must complete the membership registration in advance.
◆ Presentations will be made only at the local venue. There will be no online presentations.

◆ The copyright of papers belongs to The Japan Landslide Society.

2. Method of Presentation

(1) Methods of presentation are oral or by posters. If the content is different, both an oral presentation and a poster presentation will be possible. Please note that we may ask you to change the presentation method due to circumstances such as the venue and operation management.

(2) Poster presentations are made at the venue. they have a core presentation time of about one hour.

(3) Maximum number of authors should be 7.

(4) Oral speakers should select up to the second desired item among the sessions to be presented at as shown in the following
– Landslide Mechanism
– Landslide Investigation
– Landslide Measurement
– Slope Stability, Analysis
– Countermeasures, Facility Maintenance
– Education and Training for Disaster Prevention, Caution, Evacuation
– Case Reports
– Special Session
  As a special session, we will hold “Challenges of internationalization of Japanese slope countermeasure
  technology – Difference between overseas and Japan”.

3. Method of Making Manuscript of Lecture Synopsis

  1. The content of the submission is unpublished in principle. In referring to previous researches, you are required to get the permission from their authors beforehand as well as clearly state their reference sources on your own responsibility.
  2. The manuscripts of lecture synopses must be made A4-sized in portrait pdf format. We don’t accept paper manuscripts. The number of manuscripts should be 1 or 2 pages.
  3. The collections of papers are distributed to the participants on CD’s and be viewed on the website (logged in with passwords and the limited viewing period).
  4. Color manuscripts are possible to be posted.
  5. When you make the synopses of lecture manuscripts, you are asked to confirm and adjust the resolutions of the image outputs so as to be printed as they are.
  6. The file size should be less than 5MB.
  7. There are many cases where the description at the time of presentation application and the description of the abstract are different (title, speaker name, etc.). Please note that, in principle, we will prepare the program, lecture collection, etc. based on the abstract of the lecture.
  8. The manuscript should be made in according to the following example.
    Style Example for Proceeding

4. Method and schedule of Contrubution

   The release date of the content of research publication especially related to patents, etc. is the one when
  opened on the website (scheduled at the latter half of September), not the very convention day.

 Submission Period: from July 4th to July 24th at noon

   Abstracts must be submitted by the end of the presentation application period. You are asked to prepare
  the permission to publish in advance from the parties concerned.

  The contribution of lecture synopses is performed through the dedicated participation application system.
  •   Notice:This system uses Japanese. If you have a problem, consult the contact address below.

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