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2023 Advertisement Request

Request to Publication of advertisements – To Corporations and Associations

We are inviting the following advetisements.

1. Method of Advertisement

   Advertisements of companies and organizations will be posted on the conference website and the proceedings (CD and Web publication). We will also post it in the event guide that will be distributed on the event day. The posters with corporation or association names, or logo marks are scheduled to be displayed at the convention hall.

Classification Format Advertisement Corporation and Association Names
Proceeding – CD Publication
– Web Publication
Color Publication Color Publication
Event Guide Printed Matter B/W Publication B/W Publication

2. Advertisement Charge

  The advertisement charge is as follows.

Number of Pages Advertisement Charge
Half a Page of A4 30,000 yen
One Page of A4 50,000 yen
2 pages of A4 100,000 yen

3. Period of Application

June 8th to July 28th

4. Method of Application

  Please apply in the following procedures.
 (1)Acquisition of Application Form
  Download the application form (Excel format) and fill out the necessary items.

 (2)Emailing Application Form
  Email the filled-in application form as an attached file with the title of “Application for Advertisements” to
  the application-dedicated mail address. You will receive a confirmation mail with the reception number
  about one week later.
  Application-dedicated Address:

 (3)Emailing Advertisement Manuscripts
  - Make advertisement manuscripts and convert to pdf file (less than 4MB).
   Send it to the same email address in the above.
  - Advertisement manuscripts will be in color in proceeding. Therefore, send a color manuscript. However,
   please note that the “Event Guide” will be printed in black and white.
  - Create a color logo for the name of the company/organization to be used in advertisements, etc., and send
   it together with the advertisement manuscript or in advance.
   The size should be 350 pixels wide by 80 pixels high and in JPEG format. Posting on venue posters, etc.
   It will be used as a banner for CD/web publication.

5. Payment of advertising fee

 After receiving the application, we will send an invoice addressed to the name of the company/organization.
 Transfer the amount to the designated account (the transfer fee is to be borne by the applicant).