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2023 Application for New Technology

 This session is mainly aimed at business associations, and introduces new equipment and technologies using designated presentation booths.
A summary of the presentation and the contents of the presentation will be posted in the proceeding.

1. Period

・ Session period:
 - September 19th 5PM-8:30PM
 - September 20th 9AM-5PM
 - September 21st 9AM-4PM
・ Preparation: September 19th, 1PM-4PM
・ Removal: September 21st, 4PM-5PM

2. Exhibition Hall

Main Venue : Takayama citizen Cultural Hall 1F foyer
 1-188-1, Syowamachi, Takayama city, Gifu Prefecture, 506-0053
 TEL: +081-577-33-8333

3. Booth Overview

 - Size: opening 2400mm x depth 1200mm x height 2000mm
  Sleeve depth 1200mm height 2000mm
 - Back panel: width 1200mm x height 2000mm, 2 pieces
 - Company name version: width 900mm x height 300mm, Typeface Kaku Gothic black letters
 - Table: 1 unit (length 1500mm x width 600mm x height 700mm)
 - Chair: 1
 - Power consumption: Maximum 1 kW per booth (0.5 kW x 2 outlets)

4. Recruitment Overview

 - Application period: Thursday, June 8, 2023 to Friday, July 14, 2023
 - Participation fee: 120,000 yen for supporting members, 170,000 yen for non-supporting members
 - Number of applications: 27 booths
 - Booth placement: Set the location in order of application (We will inform you of the booth number
  at a later date)

5. Application Method

Please follow the steps below to apply.

1. Obtain application form:
 Download the application form (Excel format) shown below and fill out required information.
 Application Form for New Technology Introduction Session (Excel format)

2. Send application form:
 Send it to the following address
 - Email address :
 - Email subject: New technology introduction session application (company name)
  We’ll send you the confirmation mail with a receipt number for about a week.

3. Submission of abstract:
 Download the presentation abstract entry form (Word format) from the following website.
 Abstract of New Technology Introduction Session (Word format)
 Fill out the necessary information and convert to a PDF file (4MB within).
 Send it to the following address
 - Email address :
 - Email subject: Abstract of New technology introduction session application (company name)
  The presentation abstract will be in color when it is published on the CD or on the Web, so please send us
 a color manuscript.

4. Participation fee payment:
 - An invoice will be sent after receipt. Please transfer to the designated account from the post office
  or bank according to the instructions on the invoice.
 - The applicant is responsible for the bank transfer fee. Invoices will be sent after June.

6. Notes

 - Maximum power consumption per booth is 1 kW (0.5 kW x 2)
  For booth operators who do not require a power supply, please write “no power supply required” in the
  application form.
 - Please prepare your own decorative items (shelf, parapet, carpet, etc.)
 - Presenters are responsible for the management of each exhibit item.
 - Bringing combustibles or hazardous materials into the facility is strictly prohibited.
 - Please leave the arrangement and allocation of the partitions to the organizer.
  Booths will be determined in order of application. In addition, packing tapes that leave adhesive marks
  on the floor cannot be used.
 - Equipment will be delivered from 1PM on September 19, 2023.
  *Please be sure to bring in from the carry-in entrance. The exhibition is set up until 4PM.
 - You can send your luggage to the venue by courier service in the morning on the day of the event.
  We will inform you at a later date.
  Luggage cannot be accepted or stored until Sept. 18th. Only luggage for morning arrival on Sept. 19th
  will be kept at the venue.