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Membership Application in Developing Countries

Membership Application in developing countries

We begin new membership policy for those who live in developing countries.
If you live in developing countries and want to be a member of The Japan Landslide Society, You can choose the following membership.

Membership Privilleges ・Online Subscription of Landslides journal on Springer Link
 (Peer-reviewed English journal, Published 12 times annually, No print version)

・Online Subscription of journal of The Japan Landslide Society on J-STAGE
 (Peer-reviewed Japanese English journal, Published 6 times annually, No print version)

・Presentations at Annual Meeting, Symposium and Various Workshop
・Contribution of Papers to the Journals
・Participation in Various Committees or Working Groups
・Purchase of Books or Publications at Membership Price (Discounted Price)

Although you are members of The Japan Landslides Society, you don’t have voting rights and eligibility for election.

Our definition of developing countries

The gross domestic product(GDP) per capita figure is less than 5,000 US$
Look at Click here (World Bank data) and confirm the value of your country.

Payment Information

1. Membership Fee
     5,000 yen per year

2. Bank account information for payment

Bank Name Daiwa Next Bank, Ltd.
Branch No 101
Branch Name Ebisu
Branch Address 9-1, Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Account Number 3005515
Account Type Saving Account
Name of Account holder The Japan Landslide Society
Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense.

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