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Theme Utilization of new technology for reduction and disaster prevention of frequent slope disasters
On Friday, June 14, 2019 at 11:00 – 17:00
          at 10:00 – 10:50 General meeting of members
          at 11:00 – 16:50 Symposium
          at 17:00 – 19:00 Party
Venue Hitotsubashi University, Hitotsubashi Lecture Hall
c/o National Center of Sciences (National Institute of Informatics)
Address: 2-1-2, Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tel: +81-3-4212-3900

(1) 4 minutes on foot from Jimbocho station on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line,
     Metropolitan Mita Line, or Metropolitan Shinjuku Line (Exits A8 / A9)
(2) 4 minutes on foot from Takehashi station on Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (Exit 1b)
Purpose  The advancement of ICT technology is outstanding, and it is being used in various fields and is about to bring about a major change in the social environment, such as the elimination of the labor shortage accompanying the aging population combined with the diminishing number of children and the creation of new businesses. Such a situation is no exception in the construction field, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism is aiming to create and promote an attractive construction site through i-Construction, aiming to improve the productivity of the entire construction production system through the full utilization of ICT technology.

   On the other hand, also in terms of natural environment, it is required to deal with disasters that occur over a wide area frequently and simultaneously due to extreme weather phenomena such as heavy rain disasters and frequent earthquakes.

   Even in the field related to slope disaster prevention, creating a topographical map by laser profiler has become common since about ten years ago at the time of disaster and observations of slope changes using satellites have also been conducted. In addition, in recent years, progress has been made in technology, such as the interpretation of landslide topography using AI technology.

   In this symposium, we would like to be able to respond quickly to frequent slope disasters, and for that purpose we would like to proceed with discussions in order to achieve early restoration, reconstruction, and disaster reduction, leading to further technological innovation, productivity improvement, and damage mitigation. Accordingly, we would like to ask you to provide topics such as examples of relatively recent technologies such as design, methods of construction, and even enlightenment activities to residents during normal times from understanding of the current situation at the time of disaster. And we would like to share the future issues such as speeding up, upgrading and rationalization of slope disaster response.
Program (Planned contents)
1. Application to disaster response of advanced information technology
2. Acquisition techniques of weather information for prevention of landslide disasters.
3. Utilization of earth observation satellite data for prevention of damage from a landslide
4. Application to high-resolution data acquisition and terrain analysis using the UAV and
5. .Landslide topography extraction technique by AI
6. Utilization of new technique in landslide control
7. General discussion
[Symposium fee (Including document fee: free of charge for students]
Prior registrant: Members 2,000 yen, Non-members 4,000 yen
Day participant: Members 4,000 yen, Non-members 6,000 yen

Party: 5,000 yen (half price for student)
Fill in the necessary information below and send by FAX or e-mail before Monday, June 3rd, 2019, and transfer the participation fee separately. (If you do not transfer your participation fee in advance, we will charge the same day fee on that day)
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5. Worker or student:
6. Participant or non-participant in the Party:
7. Other special notes (if any)

(Note) Even if only advance registration is made, you will be charged as day participant if there is no transfer of participation fee in advance.
· For those who need a receipt or invoice, please indicate to that in “7. Other special notes.”
· Receipt and invoice will be handed out at the reception desk on the day.
Bank account for the transfer of participation fee Bank / branch name: Mizuho Bank, Shimbashi Chuo Branch
Account number (ordinary deposit): 1901650
Account name: Nihon Jisuberi Gakkai (or, Public benefit organization Japan Landslide Society)

·The transfer fee is to be borne by the payer.
·If the names of applicant, participant, or payer do not match, such as transferring multiple names at once, please be sure to let us know the detailed information to the following contact.
Application destination and contact details No. 5-26-8 Shimbashi Kato Building, Shinbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004
(Public Corporation) Japan Landslide Society Secretariat
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