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Papers written in English

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Title Author Volume,
822018Flexural toppling as a causal factor of the rain-induced slope failure in 2016, Hsinchu Prefecture, TaiwanChing-Ying TSOUV55,I5
81 2018 Hydrogeological structure of weathered granite in the Hai Van landslide area, central Vietnam Do Ngoc Ha V55,I5
80 2018 Technological transfer to foreign country concerning Japanese drilling technology for landslide exploration Shinro ABE V55,I2
79 2017 “Hazard inspection for landslides on roads using quantification theory -A case study of the Abay Gorge in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia-” Takeshi KUWANO V54,I4
78 2016 Analysis of failure mechanics of the 2012 Kokugawa Landslide caused by snowmelt, Niigata Prefecture Chunxiang WANG V53,I2
77 2015 Landslides and geology education in Honduras, as activities of Japan International Cooperation Agency senior volunteer Kiyoharu HIROTA V52,I4
76 2015 Geological mechanisms of landslide generation along Ho Chi Minh Route in central Vietnam Dinh Van TIEN V52,I4
75 2014 Geological features and mechanisms of rockslide occurrence in the Ha Long district of Vietnam Do Ngoc TRUNG V51,I4
74 2014 Effects of rainfall and drainage work on the movements of the landslide along highway of San Salvador, El Salvador Dera Irés Cortés Alvarenga V51,I4
73 2010 Landslide dams in Central Asia region Alexander STROM V47,I6
72 2009 A review of Jamaica’s approach to landslide management Anestoria SHALKOWSKI V46,I3
71 2009 Geomorphologic features of large-scale submarine debris-avalanche along Japan coast -Comparison of Oshima-Oshima Volcano in Hokkaido and off Kaimon Volcano in southern Kyushu- Taku KAJI V46,I1
70 2008 A GIS-based landslide hazard assessment by multivariate analysis Xiaoduo PAN V45,I3
69 2007 Discussion of “A new method for estimating the shear strength parameters at the critical slip surface”by T. F. FATHANI and H. NAKAMURA, Vol. 42, No. 2 (166) , Jul. 2005, pp. 57-66. P. BHATTARAI V44,I4
68 2007 “Depth-wise variation of physical and mechanical properties of mudstone in relation to weathering -Cases in several landslides in Niigata Prefecture-” P. BHATTARAI V44,I2
67 2005 A new method for estimating the shear strength parameters at the critical slip surface*1 Teuku Faisal FATHANI V42,I2
66 2005 “Preliminary study of landslide risk evaluation by micro landform interpretation on southern slope of Siwalik Hills, Nepal, using aerial photo interpretation Acase study of Shrawan danda landslide Butwal, Rupandehi, Nepal” Bishnu Prasad GYAWALI V42,I2
65 2005 Gentle-slope movements induced by the 2003 Tokachi-Oki Earthquake, in the Kyowa area of Tanno Town, Hokkaido, Japan Yoji ITO V42,I2
64 2005 Chlorite exhibits a little swelling property formed in green rock distributed in the Nishinotani landslide area, Ehime, SW Japan Masaaki MIYAHARA V42,I1
63 2005 Effect of NaCl solution as pore water on the residual shear strength and index properties of soil from mudstone areas Gyanu Ratna TULADHAR V42,I1
62 2005 A case study of investigation and mitigation measures in a caprock type of landslide in Kyushu Island, Japan Sumio MATSUURA V41,I5
61 2005 Modified Newmark analysis of seismic permanent displacements of slopes Viet Bao NGUYEN V41,I5
60 2004 Occurrences and displacements of landslides by an earthquake with a subsequent rain: the 1999 Chi-chi earthquake in central Taiwan Wen-Neng WANG V41,I4
59 2004 Slope stability of forested slopes considering effect of tree root and steel bar reinforcement Quang Minh NGHIEM V41,I3
58 2004 Analytical study on the role of tree roots system in slope stability Kanji KONDO V41,I3
57 2004 Characteristics of landslide and failure with their Countermeasures in Kanmon-group Slopes, Yamaguchi prefecture, Western Japan Yoshifumi KOCHI V41,I2
56 2004 Development of a risk assessment methodologyfor landslides in Sri Lanka Bandara ABEYSINGHE V41,I2
55 2004 Risk investigation on sediment-related disasters in Punta Arenas, Magellan Region, Chile Sumio MATSUURA V40,I5
54 2003 Analysis of root reinforcement at slip surface Quang Minh NGHIEM V40,I4
53 2003 Estimation of residual shear strength for bentonite-kaolin-Toyoura sand mixture Binod TIWARI V40,I2
52 2003 Determination of strength parameters for landslide slope stability analysis by laboratory test and inverse calculation engagement Toshiyuki MITACHI V40,I2
51 2003 “Rockmagnetic study on the debris avalanche deposits of Bandai Volcano Debris at 1888 eruption and Okinajima debris” Hideo SAKAI V40,I1
50 2003 Embankment failures related with bedrock slide in the Shimanto Belt, south Kyushu, Japan Kyi KHIN V39,I4
49 2002 Effect of forest on surface failure caused by snowmelt Michiya IRASAWA V39,I3
48 2002 Relationship of the faulting to the creep movement of Iwakura landslide in Saga, Japan Jagath GUNATILAKE V39,I2
47 2002 Progressive failure analysis of slopes using non-vertical slices Younus Ahmed KHAN V39,I2
46 2002 Present-day land use in block slide areas Ichiro SASAKI V39,I2
45 2002 The three.dimensional Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (3D DDA) and its application to rock toppling Keiichi MOMMA V39,I1
44 2002 Landslides in Bulgaria Boyko BEROV V38,I4
43 2002 The Magheramorne Landslide, Northern Ireland :mechanics and remedial measures Richard J. CHANDLER V38,I4
42 2002 Distributions of landslides triggered by the Chi-chi Earthquake in Central Taiwan on September 21, 1999 Wen-Neng WANG V38,I4
41 2001 Concept of Shear Strength Measurement and Modification of Stability Analysis during Countermeasure Planning of Landslides Binod TIWARI V38,I3
40 2001 Mechanical Conditions Satisfied in a Method of Slope Stability Analysis Using a Spring Attached to Inter-Slice Planes Kanji KONDO V38,I3
39 2001 Slope Stability Procedures used in Landslide Evaluations in Practice Nilmar JANBU V38,I3
38 2001 Investigation on Seismic Slope Stability Based on Pseudo-static Analysis Pintor Tua SIMATUPANG V38,I1
37 2001 The Relationship between the Yasukuni Slide and a Hydrothermal Interstratified Illite/Smectite Minerals Zone Hiroyuki MAEDA V37,I4
36 2000 Stratigraphy of Terrace Deposits and Landslide Masses alongthe Arakawa River, Oguni Town, Yamagata Prefecture Makoto OHKOUCHI V37,I2
35 2000 Fluctuations of Pore-water Pressure in a Landslide of Heavy Snow Districts Sumio MATSUURA V37,I2
34 2000 921 CHI-CHI Earthquake and Debris Disasters San Wei Lee V37,I1
33 2000 Numerical Analysis of the Residual Ratio of Groundwater in Reservoir Slopes Shinjuro KOMATA V36,I4
32 1999 The Iwato Slide Has Characteristics of both Shear Zone Slide and Hydrothermal Alteration Zone Slide Hiroyuki MAEDA V36,I2
31 1997 Geochemistry of Groundwaters in the Utsunomata Landslide Area, Maki Village, Higashikubiki District, Niigata Prefecture Xu Huilong V34,I2
30 1997 Relationship of the landslide to faulting in the Shiretoko Peninsula, East Hokkaido, Japan Yoji ITO V33,I4
29 1996 A Study on the Fractal Dimensions and Geological Condition of Landslides Tetsuya KUBOTA V33,I1
28 1996 Reexamination on Resistivity Logging and Application of Velocity-meter Measuring for Detecting Groundwater Flow in a Borehole Wen-neng WANG V32,I4
27 1995 An Estimation Method of Running Down Distance of Slope Failure Debris by a Fuzzy Inference Method Based on L-R Type Membership Function Hiroyuki YOSHIMATSU V32,I3
26 1995 Estimation of a Landslide Slip Surface Location by a Fuzzy Inference Method Hiroyuki YOSHIMATSU V32,I1
25 1995 Landslides along the Coast from Ainuma to Toyohama, Southwestern Hokkaido, Japan Hiromitsu YAMAGISHI V31,I4
24 1992 Kamaya Landslide at Kikonai Town, Southern Hokkaido, Japan A Landslide History in Terms of Geomorphologic and Forestation Change Hiromitsu YAMAGISHI V28,I4
23 1991 Study of the Mechanics of Debris Flow and its Simulation Model Ippei KITAHARA V28,I2
22 1991 Forecast of Time-to-Slope Failure by the a-tr Method Setsuo HAYASHI V28,I2
21 1991 Basic Equation of Slide in Tertiary Creep and Features of its Parameters Setsuo HAYASHI V28,I1
20 1990 Dynamic Characteristics of the Landslide at Tongchuan Aluminium Works and the Tendency Prediction Bingwen Zhang V27,I3
19 1990 The Sept. 1988 Large Landslide in the Vicinity of MCT, Darbang, Nepal Hiroshi YAGI V26,I4
18 1990 Distinction of Chemical Composition in Groundwater by Difference Type of Landslides Kiyoharu ISAGAI V26,I4
17 1989 Gravitational Creep Folds in the Izumi Group of the Izumi Mountains, Southwest Japan Shunji YOKOYAMA V26,I3
16 1989 Analysis of the Attitude of a Geological Setting in Raising up Critical Stability Conditions in Slopes: a Methodological Approach M. G. ANGELI V26,I3
15 1988 “On the Forecast of Time to Failure of Slope (II) Approximate Forecast in the Early Period of the Tertiary Creep” Setsuo HAYASHI V25,I3
14 1987 “Chemical Composition of Groundwater in ISHIKURA Landslide Area in Nagasaki Prefecture Effect of Amounts of Precipitation” Kiyoharu ISAGAI V24,I3
13 1987 On Properties of Groundwater in Kunimi Landslide Area Haruo SHUZUI V24,I1
12 1986 “Noncircular Slip Surface Analysis of the Stability of Slopes An Application of Dynamic Programming to the Janbu Method” Takuo YAMAGAMI V22,I4
10 1984 STUDIES ON LANDSLIDES OF AGRICULTURAL LAND IN KOBE GROUP, TERTIARY DEPOSIT Part 4. On the Long-Dated Behavior of Cast-In-Place (C. I. P.) Concrete Piles for the Prevention of Landslides at the Field of K-Section, Kobe City Yohaku ISHIDA V21,I4
9 1984 Effects of Landslides and Mudflows Associated with the May 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens, Northwestern U. S. A. ” Robert L. Schuster” V21,I3
7 1981 Studies on Slope Stability of Landslides along the Reservoir Hiroyuki Yoshimatu V18,I2
6 1981 Experimental Study on Pullout Resistance Force of Earth Anchor Hiroyuki Yoshimatu V18,I1
5 1981 Time Dependent Behavior of Soil during Direct Shear Creep Fujiya Komamura V17,I4
4 1980 The Natural Radioactivity Survey of Landslides in Jawa Island SEIJI TOCHIKI V17,I1
3 1980 Landslips on the Ground Water Surface and its Mechanism-III Kyoji SASSA V16,I3
2 1979 Landslips on the Ground Water Surface and its Mechanism-II Kyoji SASSA V16,I2
1 1979 Landslips on the Ground Water Surface and its Mechanism-I Kyoji SASSA V16,I2