Annual Meeting

56th Annual Meeting of Japan Landslide Society

Date: August 22-25, 2017
Venue: Nagano-city, Nagano-Prefecture

The above meetomg is to be held as shown in the following. You are asked to participate.

Important Notice

The page of Nagano Meeting was publicized.【April 4】

About Meeting Activities

    • About Meeting Activities【updated on April 4】
    • About Award for Excellence to Young members【published on April 4】
      Prize winners are selected by screening members younger than 35 years old at first. They are awarded certificates of commendation and extra prices. We hope that many researchers and engineers would participate.

    • About Fees for Participation

      Participation Fee

      Category Research Publication Meeting Opinion Exchange Meeting Local Field Visit Meeting
      Application in Advance Application on the Day Application in Advance Application on the Day A Course B Course C Course
      Regular Member( individual) 6,000yen 7,000yen 6,000yen 7,000yen 7,000yen 7,000yen 21,000yen
      Student Member 1,000yen 1,000yen 3,000yen 3,000yen 3,000yen 3,000yen 16,000yen
      Member Other Than the Above 8,000yen 8,000yen 8,000yen 8,000yen 8,000yen 8,000yen 23,000yen

      1)Application in advance means the participation fee has been paid in advance. We do not return the paid fee.
      2)If you have any rules of companies or government offices regarding the payment, please contact us about that.
      3)Where the number of applicants for fields courses is small, the field course may be cancelled. (In this case the paid fee will be returned or a separate course will be recommended.)


      Category Lunch Lecture Publication(paper bound)
      Reservation in Advance Reservation in Advance
      Fee 1,000yen 3,500yen

      1)Lunch will be arranged on August 23 and 24 if you want. (Reservation in advance needed)
      2)Persons who want paper-bound publications need 3,500 yen separately. (Application in advance needed.)

      About Various Applications