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Message from the President

静岡大学農学研究科教授 土屋 智 At the second executive board held on June 20, 2014, I was appointed as the president of the Japan landslide society for the fiscal year of 2014 and 2015. Following the outstanding performance accumulated by ex-president, Dr. Higaki, I intend to make efforts for development of Japan Landslide Society, promotion of the technology and the realization of safer communities beyond natural hazard. I would like to ask all of colleagues for their continued support and encouragement.

 It has passed half a century since the Japan Landslide Society was established in August 1963. Meanwhile, by a devoted effort of our predecessors, Japan has been far outdistancing the world in the field of landslide disaster prevention. It shows that our society is required various cooperation on disaster reduction internationally. On the other hand, our society features the extremely wide members specialized field composition, including earth science, agriculture, and engineering. Therefore, it is important to contribute locally or globally to the environmental problem solution as a landslide expert with general viewpoint. In addition, our society is comprised of many different origin members from the academy, industry, and government joined widely from the mountainous interior to the metropolis. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the society’s activities reflected for needs in various area and communities.

 Our society has each branch office in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Niigata, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, and Kyushu. And the important decisions are made at the general meeting by the executive board and representatives at the general meeting. President, vice-president, managing director and general affairs department, business planning department, study research department, editing and publishing division, and international affairs department execute the society’s activities. To understand a landslide, history and specific characteristic in each region are indispensable. For this reason, regional activities with colleagues in each branch are equally important as society’s activities.

 Recognizing the above character of our society, I would like to pick up some issues that may work on in the future. If you review these issues and discuss, it will be much appreciated.

 At first, I would like to point out vigorous activities as the public service corporation. Needless to say, the activities of our society are extremely for public benefit. For instance, in our society events, the symposium, field trip and education for disaster prevention organized by the branches are of the same importance as the annual conference on a national scale.

 As a landslide is a ground movement phenomenon involved geologically, geographically and with groundwater complexly, movement of landslide varies greatly from the slow-speed with a small cracking on the wall to the high-speed with mass failure. This complexity occasionally makes understanding of landslide phenomenon difficult, and because of this complexity, frequently we suffer how to construct measures against landslide disaster. Since the necessity of enhancing regional disaster prevention power is called out, understanding landslide, catching the precursor sign of landslide promptly, and responding to a disaster are now pressing issues. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the ability of understanding of landslide knowledge and to explain the landslide phenomena. On the other hand, it can be said exactly as a scientific approach to clarify the complex phenomena step by step, while observing the landslide site. Studying nature with landslide background and keeping safety, and inheriting culture cherished in their region may bring a dream to the children living there. It may be also applicable to create an educational program of disaster prevention, environmental science, and social studies for a landslide.

 In recent year’s rain-induced landslides have happened in concentration and also large-scale landslides induced earthquake have happened frequently. To elucidate mechanism and prediction of these landslides are very important issues. In the research project executed for three years until 2011, the features of the earthquake induced landslides including period of the historical age were clarified. Then the outcomes of this research project including investigation and analyzing were published. In response to these results, we are working to develop the methods on understanding of landslide-prone areas by earthquake. This is important to consider some countermeasures to coming massive earthquakes.

 There are increased concerns of landslide disasters in connection with increasing of unmanaged land by depopulation, aging society, and falling of an administrative budget for landslide prevention and global climate change. In order to make safe society, we need to study landslides more and hand down the accumulated knowledge and skill to the next generation, taking in new approaches and technologies. I would like to walk ahead enduringly with my colleagues and ask your continuous support in the years to come.

Prof. Satoshi Tsuchiya (Shizuoka University)