The Japan Landslide Society


International Symposium on Earthquake-induced Lanslides
November 7・8・9, 2012 Kiryu, JAPAN


The International Symposium on Earthquake -induced Landslides will be held in Kiryu, Japan, on November 7-9, 2012. This symposium is being organized by the Japan Landslide Society (JLS).

The 2011 disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake was at the greatest scale that we have ever experienced. We have to learn about the experiences and adopt them to our future disaster managements. During the symposium, the scientific reports on the recent activities by the Earthquake-induced Landslides Research Project in the JLS will also be made, and it will provide us fruitful information on the related topics.

Investigation on Landslides Triggered by 12 May 2008
Wenchuan Earthquake, China

Fawu Wang ; Research Center on Landslides Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University,18 June 2008

Urgent Report of the Landslide Disasters
by the Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in 2004, Japan

Investigation Commission of the Japan Landslide Society and the Japanese Society of Engineering Geology

Landslide Distribution Map Triggered by Mid Niigata earthquake

Yagi (2004.11.15)

Recent landslides in Niigata Region, Japan

H. Yamagishi, L. Ayalew, T. Horimatsu,T. Kanno, M. Hatamoto (2004.7.13)

ABSTRACT: The Niigata region is known in Japan for landsliding at high frequency. Recently, slope failures were taking place at different places in the region as a result of heavy rainfall, rapid snow melting and other factors. This paper introduces some of these landslides and gives a brief discussion on what has been done subsequently.


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